Harrogate Ringway

I’ve lived in Harrogate my entire life… but only recently did the idea of walking the Harrogate Ringway enter my mind!

It’s 21.1 miles and, as you might expect, goes all the way around Harrogate! There are a couple of unpleasant main (And I mean main!) road sections but it was great to walk on what was virgin ground for me. There are parts that I’ve touched upon before but we (One of my sisters and I) also walked sections of my hometown that I never knew existed.

We saw a heron early in the piece and not long after that… a kingfisher! The heron was in long grass by a river but only feet away from a row of houses. We also saw many red kites which, despite them being rare not that long ago, a day rarely goes by without seeing one above our heads these days.

The walk took about 8 1/2 hours on a cloudy but later sunny day (Yesterday). I won’t lie though, my new boots…


… did my ankles no favours! I’d started to feel pain late in my previous hike…


I haven’t had any problems since but I expect to suffer tomorrow (Or today!) Hopefully my boots and ankles will be better for this walk.

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