New Tent!

I’ll reveal the price at the end!

I’ve previously posted about some recent garden camps…

I’ve spent a lot of time (Too much!) studying tents online and in shops. Whilst my Vango F10 Helium 200 isn’t perfect, I’m yet to discover an alternative backpacking tent that appears superior. What I’ve found, even with the numerous Vango models that have been released in the years since said tent was, is that they’re all a bit heavier and don’t pack down as small!

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about Vango. I’m actually here to talk about the Summit H-Halt Pinnacle Double Skin 3 Person Dome Tent (A bit of a mouthful!).

I was looking for a slightly more generous option for some of my garden camps (And who knows, actual camping?!) and stumbled upon the two person version of the tent pictured above. It was selling on eBay for £50. However, that led me to discover what I assume is a discontinued three person option. I didn’t really want a three person tent… but now I’ve got one! Maybe the wife and kids can join me in the garden and beyond. I hope so!

I’ve pitched the tent (Far from perfectly!) once. There were a lot of loose threads, I’m a bit worried about rain getting into the porch area and it’s white (So light) inside. The fly sheet is a deceptively bright green, putting the two main poles in is a bit of a faff when doing it alone and obviously the two skins of this tent are independent of each other. The tent isn’t assembled as one like my two person Vango.

More positively, the bottom of the tent is a genuine groundsheet as well as being a generous bathtub design. There’s two barriers including mesh as well as the actual front door. The porch (If not soaking wet!) is such a valuable space for dirty boots etc and has windows. Also, the headroom and space as a whole in the main compartment, is certainly more practical for changing clothes than my Vango. I also managed to pack it down and fit it back into its carry sack!

It is what it is and if it breaks tomorrow then of course I’ll be disappointed but hopefully I’ll enjoy getting some use out of it. I’ve stumbled upon cheap Summit camping products in one or two odd shops and they’ve seemed to be of reasonable quality. Who knows? Maybe all the loose threads are part of the reason that the tents are so cheap. They were a bad batch. The seller did have a few!

Including postage, it cost, drum roll please…


That’s about €35 or $42 (US)… and for my leading followers (You know who you are!), 3091 Indian Rupee, $51 (Can), 172 Rom Leu and 365 Turkish Lira. Sorry Nigeria and the rest… but I’m not converting it into every current on earth!

Pay aTENTion (!) and look out for a post on me actually using the tent (Even if it’s only in my garden!) soon… hopefully!

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