Travel Accessories (Luxuries?)

I picked up all of the above from a shop called Savers (Appropriately) for just £12.35!

The purchases were made with my caravan holiday…

… in mind but also with a view to camping. Certainly the foldable toothbrushes (49p each!) and the matches (69p) will come in handy when out and about with the tent (And stove!).

The bag was £2.99 and has an internal pocket. There was a cheaper option but I preferred the look and shape of the one that I bought. I also paid for £0.49 for the shopping bag. This was in part because I think that I misheard the shop assistant but it’s actually a really cool foldable bag!

Disclaimer: Just to point out, the blue packet just right of centre are wet wipes, not anything else… though two children is enough thank you!

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