New(ish) Hiking Boots

After my ten hour 26-mile Yorkshire Three Peaks epic…

… finished off my Peter Storm boots, and with the 20-mile Harrogate Ringway on the horizon, I bought some new boots… well, sort of!

I bought the ones pictured above on eBay for just under £30. I went with Hi-Tec because I’ve got some, what I guess are hiking shoes/trainers that have served me extremely well.

I originally looked at Karrimoor but read a lot of reviews about eyelets breaking. That said, I read some negative reviews about the Hi-Tec ones that I purchased… but isn’t that the way on the internet? Some people claimed that the boots didn’t last long but they were walking dogs through saturated fields for mile upon mile every day. I only go hiking every few weeks or even once a month. Those Hi-Tec trainers that I mentioned are what I wear when I go to, well… anywhere but work and full on hikes.

Back to Karrimoor, the trainers that I wear to walk to and from work then up and down hard, old and steep stairs at work, averaging seven miles per day four days a week for about three years have, like the Hi-Tec trainers, served me incredibly well.

What will I get out of my new boots? The seller advised that they’d been worn a couple of times. They look brand new. I take the term waterproof with a pinch of salt but fingers crossed. Ahead of walking the Ringway next Saturday, I better get a few steps in in advance!

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