Seaside town Filey is an hour and a half’s drive from our home. Rather than just a day trip, we decided to have a full on holiday. It was our last chance before being tied to term times!

Filey is on the east coast, that’s the North Sea…. and it was absolutely freezing, in the sea that is. On land it was hot.

We stayed in a rather grandiose caravan park. In fact, it’s the biggest one of the entire chain. Our eldest daughter (Soon to turn five), who has a number of additional needs, enjoyed swimming and a variety of rides… including a small rollercoaster, small but a genuine rollercoaster!

Our youngest was less thrilled by rides and swimming. She at least seemed okay with water where she could put her feet, enjoyed the beach and also the caravan’s large TV!

Filey is easy enough to get too, has plenty of cafes etc and seaside tat shops. The beach is smooth though rockier toward the brigg (Which is worth exploring). You can walk from the caravan park to Filey, the brigg and back but there’s some steep up and downs (Particularly with a pushchair!) and make sure that you plan ahead. Crucially, this includes checking tide times!

Dolphins, or and porpoises have been known to make an appearance. Scarborough, Bridlington and Saltburn amongst others are alternative north east coastal locations that merit a day trip or even holiday.

I’m glad that we went… even if the neighbouring caravan’s TV could be heard on the other side of the North Sea!

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3 thoughts on “Filey

    1. They may have been hard of hearing. Some people pretty much live in the caravans almost all year, not just use them for a holiday. The walls are pretty thin though, even with space between the caravans!

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