Come on England!

I’m back from my brief holiday (Post coming soon)!

Turkey and Italy kicked off Euro 2020(1) last night, with the latter running out comfortable 3-0 winners. More importantly, the girls are ready for England’s opening match against Croatia tomorrow. Well, they are… apart from the fact that one of them is ill in hospital!

A week or two ago, I made a rare venture into Primark (Bank holiday morning before work) and got both girls an England top for £6.99 each.

Euro 2020 (or Euro 2021), that’s the European Football (Or possibly soccer to you?) Championship, features an expanded twenty-four teams from, errr… Europe! There are no divided loyalties in our house. Well, there are… my wife’s French! The girls are authorised to support France if England are eliminated first.

Contrary to the general consensus, England have a tough group featuring Croatia, Scotland & Czech Republic. I don’t expect them to win the tournament (Pessimist!) but… you never know.

If you’re following the tournament then the best of luck to your team and enjoy the games!

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One thought on “Come on England!

  1. The European bias is now something I am most concerned about. This will not happen with referees not giving red cards for throwing players around. Mark my words England is going to score one more in the World cup.


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