At the risk of announcing a non-event… I’m going on holiday next week!

I tend to have a lot of posts scheduled but I’m on holiday so won’t be posting at all… because I tend to constantly fine tune and check my notifications!

I may not blog in the immediate days upon my return. Whilst it’s unlikely that there would be concern across the globe if Planet Paul didn’t post for a few days, I thought that I’d provide a heads up regarding my absence.

You’re going to have to get through this on your own. You’re going to have to get through each day without my wit, insight and knowledge. You can do this!

I’ll be at the seaside (Not far from the one pictured above) in a caravan, a pool and the beach with my wife and children… and there’s a pizza takeaway on site!

Oh, for those of you stateside and in the land of maple leaf, by holiday… I mean vacation!

If you’re lucky, I might just sneak in a (Very appropriate!) Song of the Week tomorrow morning!

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I'm just an ordinary guy sharing my thoughts on various sports, entertainment and one or two other things!

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