Ripon Car Boot Sale

The day actually started with another visit to Ripon Canal, where not for the first time, I saw a pike, as well as lots of other small fish. The pike itself was a small one but I’ve only walked there three or four times… and I’ve twice seen a pike! This was despite the water being much murkier than previous visits and lots of paddle boarders/canoeists in action.

Now I know that the above photo might look like a load of junk, and also be misleading because it’s in our own boot but… we bought all the above for about £15!

We got two soft toys, a toy plane, a robot type figure, Top Trumps cards, about ten children’s books, two children’s DVDs, a dress, a board game (For 50p. There’s similar games online for £40!), a doll seat, builder’s helmet and toy ambulance!

This car boot sale, at Ripon Racecourse, takes place in the afternoon. We normally have another local one in the morning then sellers and buyers can move onto Ripon. The other one, at Ripley, is suspended at the moment. There’s one on the other side of town but… it’s rubbish!

There was a good turn out in Ripon and sellers weren’t being silly with their prices. We got some good deals, primarily for the kids. My youngest daughter picked a few things up but cooperated when I suggested that she didn’t buy one or two things. I think that she’ll be happy to go car booting again.

We have sold things in the past but of late have used Gumtree or just given things away. If Ripley gets up and running again then I’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you have car boot sales or similar where you live? Errr… just incase it’s not clear, people sell things from their car boot, or normally on a table… people aren’t normally selling actual car boots!

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