Frog City/Newt Central

The seasonably cold and generally miserable weather has, for the most part, limited amphibian activity… or sightings at least. When the weather finally turned however, the array of amphibians rose to the surface to bask in the sun!

I counted nine frogs, which is particularly prominent for our pond. The newts were also making their presence felt in numbers. Sorry, but they’re a little harder to get clear photographs of. They do exist… honest. They’re not just some mythical creature like the yeti that I want to believe does!

Of course, we also have our second pond now complete with fish. I’m yet to see any amphibians taking residence alongside them.

I do love the newts. They’re just something different and the way they move, whether horizontally or vertically is extremely slick. Frogs are welcome too. It’s great for my daughter’s to see wildlife in their own garden. That goes for bees and wasps too, though I’d rather they didn’t keep nesting in our bird boxes! One wasp flew too close to the pond and unless it exceeded my expectations, likely met an ugly fate!

There are also the birds that have sung their hearts out… noticeably when I’ve camped in the garden! It all makes for a range of wildlife. I’m sure that when the light turns on at night that bats, mice (Spotted a resident one many times last year) and maybe the evasive hedgehogs are responsible!

Look out for more water based updates as the months pass.

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