Pedometer Diaries: Chapter Two

It’s been over two months since I caught up with modern technology and got a pedometer! Here’s my original post…

Now, after 66 days of having this piece of white plastic attached to my hip (Belt), I’ve totalled 455.68 miles. That’s an average of 6.90 miles per day.

My ten-hour Yorkshire Three Peaks boot ending epic…

… was, not surprisingly, my most steps (54,429) and therefore miles (25.77) in a single day. A regular work day sees me in the 15-16k step region. There’s only been a couple of four figure days, mainly due to extreme weather. My worst day was… the day after Yorkshire Three Peaks! #recovery!

It’s been great to learn how much distance I cover at work, some of which is up and down two or even three flights of stairs burdened by heavy loads. That’s motivated me to make sure that I clock up some mileage on my days off.

I’ll let you know my numbers once again, in another few months. I’m sure that you can’t wait!

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