Les Machines de L’ile

Today, we’re sticking with yesterday’s French theme…


Situated on what is technically an island in the River Seine, Les Machines de L’ile… is an island… with machines!


You’ll discover a variety of creatures and vehicles amongst the creations. Though I sat in some sort of moving contraption and my wife went on a boat, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been on the premier attraction… the elephant! I did want to go… but nobody else did! I will go on it one day… if it’s still working!

You can walk around the gallery and see the artists/creators at work down below.

Nantes has some handy tools to help tourists navigate, including painted lines that cover miles. The castle is free to enter (The courtyard anyway) and there are plenty of shops… including an excellent chocolate shop!

If you’d like to hit the beach, coastal places such as Pornic are less than an hour’s drive away. Take some flip flops though because the sand can be extremely hot… and the water quite dangerous too. Errr, yeah, just be careful with children!

There was no big boat ride to France last year, or this, so fingers crossed for a return to Nantes in 2022… and maybe a ride on the elephant with the kids!

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