I’ve Got Gas!

I figured out why I couldn’t get my cooking unit to work during my garden camp…


It was because the unit was a screw on but the gas can a push/click on. What an idiot! It’s been that long since I went camping that it’s hard to believe.

There seems to be a shortage of gas as a consequence of people not being allowed outdoors so production being slowed to meet little demand. That’s how I ended up with a different type of gas can. That’s my excuse anyway!

I still intend to try again with my old appliance but am waiting on some cans that I’ve ordered from an outdoor store. I’ll possibly do a review on the gear that I receive from that company.

Following failure, the Campinggaz stove that I purchased above has a lot going for it. I’ll get to the one annoyance first… you need matches/a lighter! That means that you’ve got to carry matches around and keep them dry. You can take a lighter of course but need back up.

The unit uses a push on ‘Easy click’ method. It pushes/drops/clicks onto the gas can then you twist a little. The triangular section is all connected so less fathing than my other one. You simply pull them around to make a triangle. You then twist the gas output level before lighting.

I boiled a small amount of water for a cup of tea and first impressions are that the unit is easy to use and works well. I really like that it’s all connected unlike my other where you have to put the three legs in. I also like that it folds down nicely into a plastic container. You do need to be certain that you’ve turned the knob off, as far around as it will go before removing the unit from the can. Also, make sure that the metal has cooled down. I believe that in previous versions you couldn’t detach once you’d hooked upto a can… far from practical!

In its container, the unit weights about 220kg. The small gas can is about 300kg, in fact, it’s called CV300… maybe that’s why?! Plus, you’ve got your matches/lighter… obviously. I don’t think that the weight of the unit is bad.

In terms of the camping that I’ll likely be doing, I think that I’ll be heading to a campsite in the car, pitching for two nights with somebody joining me for a hike on the middle/full day, so I’ll take both cooking units just incase!

Look out for more relearning to camp posts in the future!

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One thought on “I’ve Got Gas!

  1. We had to buy a new camping stove last summer because we couldn’t find any fuel for our old one thanks to the pandemic. Good thing you tested your camping stove out prior to using it for a real camping trip!


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