Yorkshire Three Peaks… again!

On Saturday, my friend and I walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks!

The three peaks in question are Pennyghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. The mountains (Not hills!) are between 694 and 736 metres (About 2,220-2,400 feet). The 24.5 mile route also features stunning views of Ribblehead Viaduct, an active railway line. (Sorry, I don’t think that I got a great photo of that part!).

The route was busy and I mean busy… before thinning out later on. Certainly the first two peaks were traffic heavy. My friend’s eight-year-old son was with us but I can’t claim that he or the traffic slowed us down massively, not that it was a race. Many many years ago, in a slightly larger group, I’d clocked a time of 9 hours 55 minutes. This time we’d return to the starting point of Horton-in-Ribblesdale after 10 hours 7 minutes of walking.

It was a favourable day following so much rain. Though a little misty on the top of Pennyghent, Whernside was clear enough before the clouds parted as we reached the broad and windy summit of Ingleborough. From there we could see the sea… on the WEST coast!

The walk has finished off my boots… and I better get some new ones soon as I’ve got a couple of hikes planned in June! I generally felt good, even for the last few miles but my ankles have suffered. Pennyghent is a bit of a scramble but we shot up, Whernside more gradual but dragged a little and Ingleborough has a brutal climb but we took it steady and I felt okay. Unlike the last time, my legs didn’t feel like jelly for the last few miles!

I didn’t really enjoy the crowds, and overhearing other people’s conversations. At one point, I had a woman hanging on my shoulder for ages and I also got sucked into the middle of a few groups at one stage with nowhere to go. Heading up Ingleborough though, with the clouds parting, sun shining and views to the sea, was incredibly satisfying.

Maybe I’ll do it again in another ten years!

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7 thoughts on “Yorkshire Three Peaks… again!

  1. Sounds like a long but very rewarding hike. I’m impressed that your friend’s eight-year-old son hiked with you. I’m sure that provided some good motivation to finish. Many of the trails here have become extremely crowded too. It can definitely be frustrating to have people who don’t share the trail, hike in large groups, or blare their music while hiking. We usually try to head out first thing in the morning when there aren’t too many people around.


    1. I’ve just reread my post and realised that I didn’t point out that my friend’s son walked about ten miles including the first peak but then it was just us two adults. I’m sure that he’ll do all three one day!

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