iWalk Pocket Battery

Whenever I get back to the car from a walk my phone battery is dead!

I was a bit late to modern phones but my friend explained to me that the phone was using battery looking for a signal. I want my phone on so that I’m able to take photos (You know, incase I see a big wild cat!) and airplane mode was suggested. I could possibly charge my phone in the car. I’ve got an old car but maybe there’s an adapter that connects to the cigarette thing. I’m a bit ignorant about these things!

Anyway, I’ve bought the item pictured above. It was supposedly half price, something like £16 instead of £32 but isn’t everything these days? I can charge my phone once I get back to the car and at least check for any important messages. It’ll be useful when camping too. I don’t want to be on my phone all the time but don’t want to be uncontactable either. You charge the unit via a normal plug socket at home and it should provide at least one full charge.

We’ll see how it goes if I ever actually go camping, other than in my garden…


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One thought on “iWalk Pocket Battery

  1. This definitely sounds like a nice gadget to have when camping. I’ll usually turn my phone on airplane mode when I’m hiking all day to preserve the battery life. When I’m backcountry camping I typically don’t get signal anyway.


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