Hiking T-Shirts

I have two round neck tops that I wear when hiking that cost £9.99 from Mountain Warehouse… but have just bought the t-shirts pictured above!

Like my other tops, the above are 100% polyester but crucially have both a collar and button up neck/chest area, ie: protection for the two areas that I get sunburned!

I bought the redish/carbon ones online (eBay) for about £15.99 after seeing the green one in Trespass. The store didn’t have my size and nowhere (And I mean nowhere) on the net had it in stock. However, after purchasing the other colours, I returned to Trespass and low and behold, they had a large green one there on the rail!

Having purchased three works out well though as I can use them on family days out or even going to the park with the kids on a sunny day, not just when hiking.

The end of the sleeves are, I wouldn’t say tight but they’re not loose. I’m not particularly well built so struggle to get my head around grown men wearing medium size tops. I’ve always found large to be comfortable with a bit of give but not baggy.

I look forward to wearing these when I’m out an about… starting with the Yorkshire Three Peaks on Saturday!

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