Craving Camping!

I’ve got an urge to go camping!

I’ve done plenty of hiking but only a little multi-day hiking/camping…

My wife and I have been camping a few times but since having children, the opportunities haven’t been there. That’s not to say you can’t go camping with kids but our eldest daughter has some additional needs and our youngest only turned two this year.

There are also cabins/pods etc and we are staying in a caravan soon. Camping is easier said than done though. Wild camping is technically illegal meanwhile many campsites are almost like cities and even basic ones often don’t allow one night stays.

I do hope to go camping this year, even if it means abandoning the family for a few days. I’ll make it up to them! I’ve been checking out my gear that’s been in the attic for a while. One torch fell apart (Or the batteries inside did!) and the zips on my rucksack are done far.

My Vango Helium 200 tent (Pictured above) seems in good nick though. Having previously had the 100, I’m sure that I won’t be the first person to recommend always buying the two-man version of a tent, to accommodate your bag as much as anything. It only weighs about 1.3kg though is quite long when packed down. Once you move onto the tunnel tents, you’re looking at additional weight and quite a chunky tent when packed down. Remember that a sleeping bag is also required as is a sleeping mat. Do not underestimate the value of one! I’ve just ordered a different style of mat. I do hope that it (Easily!) folds down as small as it claims to.

There’s then obviously food, cooking equipment and clothes amongst other things to carry as well.

Soon, I’ll be doing a trial camp in the garden. After a lengthy dry spell, it’s been constantly hammering it down for days here. I don’t mind testing myself in the rain but just couldn’t see how I’d be able to dry my tent! Mentioning the rain, I’m relieved for the fish that I saw in the River Skirfare…

I still need to get some gas to see if my stove still works and want to wait until I’ve got my new mat etc so that I’m practicing with my actual current equipment. Look out for details of a night in the back garden then in the not too distant future, hopefully … a genuine camping experience!

Disclaimer: I’m well aware that the tent was pitched shoddily. It was a quick check with inquisitive children and rain around!

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4 thoughts on “Craving Camping!

  1. We used to camp a lot. The older I have gotten the more I prefer a temperature controlled environment. I hate that because it was fun. Especially the campfires.


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