Vauxhall Meriva

I recently posted about the demise of my car…

Now I am in no way a car geek and certainly didn’t expect to be blogging about cars. Our new motor has a lot of things going for it though, so I thought that I’d share my thoughts.

Firstly, it was manufactured in 2006. That makes it four years younger than our previous car. This does mean that my local breakdown cover won’t cover us in France mind! It has had a few owners but has only clocked 51,000 miles. It cost £1,395.00 plus I got £185.00 for my old car (Completely separately). A salvage company drove from an hour away specifically for my vehicle!

I can’t get my head around buying new cars and paying interest like you do on a mortgage. Where I live, there simply weren’t any options in my price bracket. I had to go further afield. I found the Meriva in Leeds but at the same place were some great examples of determining the value of cars. There was a Skoda and a Peugeot, both more modern and so costing around £2,500.00, basically double what I paid. One was battered from having towed a caravan and the other had done 114,000 miles!

The Meriva’s boot is not particularly bigger than my Renault but can accommodate a special pushchair and walking frame. There’s more space in the back and the girls are higher up so can see out of the window better. If we didn’t have the girls, the seats could be folded and two adults could sleep in there. Heck, you could probably even get some surfboards in there!

I’m not expecting to get ten years out of this car. My wife is driving more, doing the nursery run and soon school every day. We’ve already had someone catch and smash a wing mirror! If we get a few years out of this one and hopefully get to France and back at least once then I’ll be grateful.

Disclaimer: Sorry, I’d have taken photos of the interior/boot… but they’re already full of stuff!

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