Lauterbrunnen, Jungfrau and Basle

We drove from the north of England to Switzerland. Well, I was a passenger. Maybe I’ll share my own European driving adventures in future posts!

We camped in Lauterbrunnen. It was beautiful. Sandwiched between steep solid rock complimented by a stunning narrow waterfall and chalky stream.

We headed up Jungfrau on the train. Workers in orange suits boarded early with us. I forget when they got off. Was this even a different train? I feel like the one that got us to the top was fancier!

Snow stretched for miles. Snowball fights and zip wire fun was had but the sun belted down, so much so that I stripped to a t-shirt! We walked down the mountain. Well, actually my campmates decided to run so what was I to do?!

I did at one point nearly have my finger severed by one of my buddies slamming the car door! Fortunately we were at the camp site and a plaster bought on site was all that was required… though she tried once again the next time we got out of the car!

We ascended a greener mountain with a village at the top. I seem to recall a tram back down.

The name Interlaken sounds familiar. Basel was definitely visited and we camped right on the German border. Fritz or somewhere like that.

Lauterbrunnen again would appeal but it’s a heck of a drive with kids!

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