Oban, Kerrera, Lismore, Mull and Iona

Yesterday, I posted about Neil Ansell’s trips to Scotland…


Today, I post about one of my own!

It was about a seven hour drive. We stopped after around an hour for refreshments but after that I felt fine so just kept going, didn’t stop for six hours!

The campsite at Oban was fair enough. It was a high up and you could see the sea, though someone did later pitch a big tent in the way!

We took the tiny ferry an extremely short distance to Kerrera. A rainstorm battered us briefly but the castle was worth visiting and the view out to sea inspiring. Back on the mainland I had some bangers and mash at a restaurant on the front and they were high quality bangers and mash!

We drove a while to take a small boat to Lismore but with about four passengers already on we had to retreat and wait a while. We took shelter from the rain in a hotel, played pool and drank hot chocolate. Eventually we made it across then cycled from one end to the other.

We moved onto Mull, driving here and there. We visited colourful Tobermory and took another ferry to Iona. The water was beautifuly clear, you could see the fish.

This was another random travel reminisce from over a decade ago. You can find my previous one here…


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