Lefkas (I think!)

Welcome to my latest out of sync travel reminiscence piece.

This time we’re going to the Greek island of Lefkas! It sounds like the sort of place that would be full of young Brits but truth be told, it wasn’t really full of anybody.

There were occasional earthquakes, the telly suggested that the rest of the country was on fire and I sang Secret Smile by Semisonic at the karaoke bar.

I also downed some shots that tasted like liquorice which is the only time in my life that I’ve ever been drunk!

We also took a boat ride to a secluded beach and had to hold on for dear life. This seems to be a familiar theme in my boating experience as you may recall from my Irish travels…


There was a nice enough beach not far from the hotel that allowed for some pleasant swimming and… nope, that’s all I remember!

Disclaimer: Sorry, I don’t actually have any photos from this trip of a dozen or more years ago so you’ll have to make do with the Greek flag!

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