Arncliffe and Malham Hike

On Sunday, my friend and I completed an 18-mile circular hike from the Yorkshire village of Arncliffe to Malham then back to Arncliffe.

Early on the walk, we came across a lamb that sadly may have breathed its last breath. We then saw some decent size fish (Brown trout?) trapped in an oxbow river. There was still a reasonable amount of water for them but it was extremely clear and unless the rains come soon then they’ll be extremely vulnerable. Thankfully, rain is forecast this week. The bend in the river is also eating into the field at an alarming rate.

We survived an epic hailstorm above Gordale Scar. From near Janet’s Foss (Pictured above) and up the many steps of the famous Malham Cove, was extremely busy. By the time we got there, it was about lunchtime on a Sunday so it wasn’t a surprise. Fortunately, fewer people were walking when we were away from the tourist hotspots. That said, there were a few hikers (And cyclists) about.

This hike was actually preparation for the Yorkshire Three Peaks in three weeks (That rhymes!). This hike took eight hours which suggests that we may need to up the pace for the Y3P but at the same time, you can’t go hell for leather. It does make me wonder how I ever did it in 9 hours 55 minutes many years ago! Sunday’s hike was a good gauge for how much food and water we’ll need as well as the condition of my boots. The bottom of my feet were a little sore so I’m going to put an inner sole in to provide a thin extra layer without pushing my toes against my boot too much. I came home with plenty of food but will need a reasonable (Heavy) amount of water for Y3P.

Look out for how we get on later this month!

Disclaimer: I couldn’t quite compose the waterfall photo how I wanted… due to people and dogs… and should really have taken a photo of the fish!

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