Golden Acre Park

Golden Acre Park is situated on the outskirts of Leeds and is within reasonable driving distance for us.

Some of the paths are an uphill battle…

But nothing we’re not used to! They’re generally flat but some were stony or dry soil/sand that had had rain run down and open it up like a river in Africa. Not ideal terrain for a little girl using a wheeled walking frame!

I saw a mandarin (Which might not be uncommon) and another beautiful bird that I can only think was possibly a female woodpecker… I need to check again!

Signs advise not to feed ducks bread because it’s attracts rats that spread disease… so we didn’t!

It’s pleasant enough. There might be one or two more posts about parks in that area in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Acre Park

    1. My wife seems to think that rice is a good thing to feed ducks instead, and to be fair, there was some rice by the water’s edge… although that could mean the ducks don’t like it! Maybe they’ve become hooked on bread!

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