Dawn Chorus

What’s the loudest thing that you’ve ever heard?

All alone in a $40 dollar tent, freezing to death in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand. The only way that I know roughly where I was is that I remember a photo of my tent drying in a hostel in Invercargill. I could possibly trawl my old USB sticks for specifics.

Anyway, I hadn’t slept a wink, it was bloody freezing and the military issue thermal gear that I bought in Auckland was… s^*t!

Early in the morning, errr… at dawn I guess (!), it began… and it went on and on! Of course it was beautiful but my interest in birds was at that time only developing as oppose to peaking. I hadn’t slept and was freezing to death so my appreciation of the noise wasn’t at its maximum. It was absurdly loud. I can’t tell you how loud. Well, I can… it was the loudest thing that I’ve ever heard!

Now the campsite was kind of open but just beside and possibly behind my lonely one and only on the site tent (It was the middle of winter!) were plenty of trees. Maybe I was directly underneath the leader of the choir but my word… I can still hear it now, more than a decade later!

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2 thoughts on “Dawn Chorus

  1. Some of my best and worst sleeps have occurred in a tent. While it’s nice to be surrounded by nature sounds while sleeping, it can also be highly annoying. Funny how this experience has stayed with you through the years.

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