A Sparrowhawk (?) and Some Deer

Earlier this week, I was walking to work through a crowd of terraced houses. In between two guinnels (Or possibly snickets to you!), on the other side of the road (Basically a car park not a road), perched on a waist high metal railing just feet away from me was a bird of some size. I had my head down and when I looked up, I did a double take, wondering is this really a bird of such size right here, in of all places, just feet in front of me?

There was a hint of blue around the collar and as it flew away I thought it was a kestrel but did think that it seemed chunkier. It wasn’t a red kite and maybe sparrowhawks aren’t massive but it seems the likely candidate as oppose to a buzzard. When it was perched on the railing it was some size from top to bottom. It was just absolutely unbelievable to see it in amongst a load of terraced houses. I have seen a sparrowhawk at ground level before, at Center Parcs (A wooded area), right next to a cabin. Let’s just say that it came off better than the other bird!

After my brief (Help out after things out of our control didn’t go to plan!) shift, I went to collect our new car as planned.

Later we headed to a deer park about half an hour away. I might have once failed spectacularly to catch fish at a fish farm (!) but can find deer in a deer park. To be clear, in the photo above they were straddling the path. We let them cross and my photo is zoomed in so yes we were close but nothing silly! Apologies that the photo is a bit dingy. The sun came out soon after.

Let me know if you’ve had any enjoyable animal sightings recently…

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2 thoughts on “A Sparrowhawk (?) and Some Deer

  1. Congrats on picking up your new car and for getting some good use out of it already. It’s always great to encounter wildlife while driving (assuming that the wildlife is far from the road that is). The most exciting animal sighting we’ve had recently was during the summer when we took a road trip through Northern Ontario and saw a black bear near the side of the road. It was my ideal bear encounter: me in the safety of a car.

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    1. I was actually on foot, crossing a road. I’d want to be in my car if there was a bear around though but I don’t have to worry about that here. We may have some big cats running wild however but I’ve been saving that for a future post!

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