The Premier League Survives

The Premier League has survived (Or at least delayed) the attempted European Super League (Or The Super League if you want to be pedantic!).

It’s survived… but can it thrive?

The Champions League, Europa League… and Europa Conference League (!) must be at their peak too. It does annoy me how The Champions League can feature four or five teams from one country but not the champions of some!

As for the Premier League, I’d come up with a way of revolutionising it. The departure of six teams made it quite easily done but even without those teams leaving, it could work. So how about this…

Two conference style equal top divisions, each consisting of sixteen teams. That’s thirty league games which allows for the League Cup and FA Cup to continue. The top two teams from each conference play off in a final to decide the league champion of England. The top two teams in each conference could qualify for the Champions League and so on for the Europa. The bottom two from each could be relegated with the top two at the next level (Structured in the same way – so four, promoted). You could also possibly have play-offs between the 14th placed teams, the fifth place teams in the next tier then between those winners for a spot in the Premier League. To avoid repetitiveness and avoid unnecessary loss of losing derbies and rivalries, every season, half the teams in each conference could be swapped.

Does the Premier League and possibly the whole football league beyond need a structural overhaul? Please let me know in the comments section…

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