End of the Road

My car has died!

I mean it’s repairable but was going to cost between £500-£800 so we’ve bought a new car instead. Well, not a new car, another extremely old car actually.

My previous car was purchased in 2011 maybe early 2012. At ten years old it only had about 40,000 miles on it. In nearly a decade we only drove it about 35,000 miles! It literally just ticked over the 75,000 mark the other day. That’s despite two trips to France and one to Belgium plus some UK holidays, days out and hiking. It not being required for work/school etc for about four years makes a difference.

From a blogging perspective, I guess that I’m sharing this information because I’d just written a few posts related to recent days out but my last few days off/weekend have obviously taken a hit. I’ve got some big hikes coming up and family days out planned too, so once I’ve got the new car, look out for those posts.

I do hope that my daughters’ pushchair and walking frame will fit in the boot. I went to another city the other day and nonchalantly thought to myself “It’ll for”. Now I’m not so sure! It’s a Vauxhall Meriva by the way, replacing a Renault Megane. I’ve only had two cars, both Renault.

Maybe I’ll share a pic in the upcoming weeks. The motor will actually have a bit of an initiation getting me to my next hike!

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