The Greatest Hike!

Soon, I’ll go hiking again (I mean an actual hike, not the walks with the girls) but in the meantime, it’s another looking back in time post.

Back in 2010, my friend and I covered about eighteen cramponless miles, encompassing Great Langdale, Angle Tarn and Scafell Pike amongst others. My calves were killing me and I still don’t know how I got up the vertical snow-encased summit!

Great Langdale has always tended to be my Lake District base, though the campsite’s now a National Trust one with a barrier. My wife and I were flooded there one time. Well, actually, I saw what was coming and pitched the tent on a one inch mound. That tactic saved us from saturation whilst other campers spent the night in their cars. The wade across a shingle road turned raging river to the toilet block in pitch black was fun!

We’ve also camped at a farm but it’s further back along the road. The farmer helped us with a flat tyre though. Because I’m not the sort of person that possesses those skills! Anyway, I digress.

I believe that there’s a few Angle Tarns in the Lake District. As for Scafell Pike (Highest peak in England), I’d been up it before but sort of straight up. There were at least two stages in this epic where crampons were required. I should probably point out that I’ve never hiked with such things. I’ve done a few snow filled hikes but not at the heights of this one.

It was one of those days that sticks with me. It was living!

Roll on some hikes this year!

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