Finished (?) Pond

The fish are in, the net’s on and the water is a little clearer.

A reminder that our original pond has a healthy newt population as well as some frogs. Our new smaller second pond contains four goldfish (One that was quite big when it arrived from my parents?!) but is also open to newts and frogs. Being in the smaller pond though, the fish shouldn’t have any negative effect on the newt population.

For the second year in a row, the newts devoured a goblet of frogspawn quick fast. Should the frogs spawn in the smaller pond next year then I guess there’s potential for long term damage to newt numbers but hopefully enough newts will survive and thrive across the two ponds as the years go by.

Disclaimer: Some of you had a sneak peak of this post yesterday. I’ve got so many posts scheduled that I keep pushing them back but yesterday failed to avoid a two-post clash!

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