Scar Reservoir

Another day off work, another outing. After so much time locked down, we’re getting out as much as possible… so much in fact that our neighbour called my parents because they were worried that we’d left home early!

We headed to my ancestral homeland, specifically Scar Reservoir in Nidderdale. You can walk around both Scar and Angram Reservoir (Abt 7.5m) … but not with a double pushchair and child using a walking frame!

The reservoirs are near the small villages of Lofthouse and Middlesmoor. I mean they’re the actual ancestral homeland. My family weren’t born in a reservoir! That said, when there was a drought in the mid-nineties, the remains of a village were visible and accessible. The reservoirs are literally the end of the road… unless you’ve got quadbikes and the like.

Both dams are intricately built. In fact, there’s a photo that features my great great grandfather on a little stone feature up there. The ruins of the buildings that homed those building the dams remain.

We saw frogspawn in the stream, a few geese, oyster catchers and squeaky lapwings. Practicing fighter jets often exercise in the area. One circled gently but didn’t nearly hit the water at high speed and volume like I saw years ago!

I’m keen the go back and hike around the two as it’s been a while since I did so.

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