Three Month Blog Update

It’s been three months since I rid myself of the shackles of just bats and balls. Now that I’ve been blogging about whatever I want for said amount of time, it seemed like a good opportunity to take a look at the stats.

Firstly, a little background. I blogged about cricket for around four years and racked up almost 40,000 views. UK, USA and India led the way. I also had a short lived football blog where my steady stream of hits tended to come from China!

Once again though, as the graphic at the top demonstrates, the big three lead the way on my new blog. Canada have also passed the century mark with Nigeria and Romania next up.

Late last night I was up to 1383 views courtesy of 634 visitors. I probably rather corrupted my cricket blog stats a bit but try to resist constantly viewing my own new blog!

612 likes and 38 comments are the other numbers. Thank you!

This is all without any other social media accounts to campaign for views on.

I often see blog advice advising about having a niche. Well, I’ve done that and now I’ve got free reign! I hope that my views on football, cricket, films and books etc have been of interest to you. I enjoy doing the polls (It’s a nice way of interacting) and hope to be able to do more hiking and outdoor related posts soon. Actually, I’ve managed to get out a bit in the past week. Long may it continue!

I do think the facility that WordPress have added where a post via Reader provides a link to two of your other posts at the bottom is really helpful for followers and views.

I’ve also enjoyed branching out my own reading. If I’m following your blog then it’s because it’s genuinely of interest to me. Reading about other people’s hikes motivates me to go further on my own. Quality cricket and football writing gets my brain ticking and random trivia turns me on!

Many thanks for any attention that you’ve provided my latest effort. I enjoy getting some thoughts off my chest, sharing some experiences and the actual writing and use of words itself.

Published by Planet Paul

I'm just an ordinary guy sharing my thoughts on various sports, entertainment and one or two other things!

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