Swinsty Reservoir

Following on from Ripon Canal, it was great to get out somewhere different again.

We set off early and that was the right decision. Fishermen dotted the edges but few walkers woke early. The car park would be full by the time that we left which was still morning.

Driving the short distance there, the fields were more than sprinkled with snow and you could hear and feel the melt fall from the trees as we walked around. The sun shone beautifully and by the time we drove back, the low level snow had gone. The snowcapped hills still looked beautiful however.

Deserting the footpath, the girls really enjoyed playing on surprisingly dry and pleasant sand.

The ducks were grateful for some bread too!

It was great to have the beach all to ourselves. I wouldn’t normally expect/consider this a beach but the water level was low and it was great for the girls to explore… and paddle!

Roll on more trips out as the year goes by!

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