Ripon Canal

Last year, I saw a pike, an otter and a shoal of about seven to eight unidentified decent size fish.

This year, I saw some eggs… duck eggs? But my research suggests that ducks don’t lay eggs in water… so moorhen seems to be a candidate? But have I seen any moorhen there… maybe?

There was a mother duck accompanied by seven or eight chicks nearby. To be clear, they were right next to the path, incase anybody thinks I was getting too close!

But what are the unhatched eggs? They’re an extremely clear white which I don’t think is common for duck eggs and like I say, they’re in the water.

There were three in a row, one is hidden under the matting that’s in place. Is the matting there for that reason? And there was one further along. Just like the pike that I saw last year, the eggs were right next to the footpath which is right next to the road. There are factories of sorts either side.

There’s always something of interest to catch the eye at Ripon Canal, which just highlights how much wildlife exists in all kinds of places… or, it was Easter recently and some kids are playing a prank?!

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