Sydney Monorail

Recently, I’ve added travel reminisces to my new and broader blog. Here was my first…

My trip to New Zealand and Australia as a whole merits either one very long post or a series but I’ve decided to randomly start with… Sydney Monorail (As the title suggests)!. Why? Because it’s come to my attention that it no longer exists. It closed way back in 2013. I’ll admit that I find that rather cool, knowing that I’ve done something that no one else ever will!

My readings suggest that the people of Sydney had a love/hate relationship with the monorail… or maybe just a hate relationship! To me, it’s like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie yet also absurdly outdated all at the same time.

As well as spending about ten minutes on a monorail, my time in Sydney also featured a visit to the city’s eye hospital. This followed an accident pruning a tree in New Zealand about a month earlier before waking up in Wallarobba (Smallest train platform in New South Wales) with tears streaming down my face. After the guy with rat poison in his eye was eventually treated before me, I had some dye in my eye and a diagnosis.

Anyway, I digress. The monorail. It doesn’t exist anymore but I’ve been on it!

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