Rubbish People!

An all too familiar sight at our local children’s playground. Once again we tidied it all up (There was a lot)!

But that’s not the answer. Why are these people leaving this rubbish in the park, just feet away from a bin? Is it that uncool to keep your local area free of litter, to keep a children’s play area clean?!

We cleaned it up but it’ll be the same next time. There were also a couple of masks that could’ve blown from anywhere but I’m not picking those up with my bare hands!

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2 thoughts on “Rubbish People!

  1. Ugh, it’s hard not to get upset when you find trash lying on the ground. We’ve been noticing that there tends to be a lot more trash on the trails these days and have started taking a bag with us to pick some of it up. It’s very frustrating.

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