New Pond!

Not content with one pond, we now have two!

My main pond doesn’t have any fish. I’ve always liked it to remain a natural pond. I like to let the rain fill it up and the newts, frogs and very occasional toad come of their own accord.

It had just crossed my mind however that fish might be of interest to my daughters. I don’t want fish compromising the ecosystem that I have though. My newts already devour any frogspawn in no time and my research confirms that fish would munch newts upon hatching. I really enjoy seeing my newt population thrive so don’t want that compromised.

As it happens, my parents decided to get rid of their pond, so we dug a hole and put it next to our original one. It’s only small but the fish that occupied it at my parents can relocate here too. Of course newts and frogs might join them but I won’t put any fish in our bigger pond so as to avoid any conflict with the resident newts.

It’s not quite positioned where we’d like. As you can see from the photo, further back and to the right would’ve made more sense but the ground was just too rocky.

I’ll have to get a new net just to be on the safe side with two little ones, particularly with me being back at work. They might not be pretty (Nets not the children!) but better to be safe than sorry!

Look out for more posts about our common and palmate newts as well as our new fish in the upcoming months. Activity has just started to heat up though there’s some cold weather on the way. Still, it’ll be fascinating to see how the new setup develops.

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