Pedometer Diaries

I recently purchased an extremely cheap pedometer off eBay. When I say cheap, the kilometre calculation doesn’t work correctly! I’ve checked my stride over a number of steps and also compared the pedometer to my phone when walking to work. The steps calculate correctly but I’m then having to convert to km and miles online.

I can’t have my phone on me at work but have long wanted to know what mileage I’m covering. It’s good to know and what I want to do is make sure that I match my off work days to my at work totals. This should see me hit up towards 100km per week.

This is how week one played out. The shop is closed but the work I’m doing is akin to a normal day’s for me.

Day one (Work): 17659 steps/13.46km/8.36m

Day two (Work): 15613 steps/11.90km/7.40m

Day three (Work): 18929 steps/14.42km/8.96m

Day four (Off): 10347 steps/7.88km/4.90m

Day five (Off): 10779 steps/8.21km/5.10m

Day six (Work): 16597 steps/12.65km/7.86m

Day seven (Work): 16331 steps/12.44km/7.73m

Total steps: 106,255 steps

Total km: 80.96km

Total m: 50.31m

Average steps per day: 15179 steps

Average km per day: 11.57km

Average m per day: 7.19m

It’s worth noting that this was a slightly funky seven days. I started back at work on a Wednesday but would normally only work four days per week. It’s good to get an idea of what a normal work day looks like mind and I’ll be recording weekly figures going forward. Obviously we’re still in Lockdown (Contrary to what many people think and do!) so my day offs were limited too. 10k will be my absolute minimum daily total and I have some lengthy hikes lined up!

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