International Children’s Book Day!

It’s International Children’s Book Day so here are some of our favourites…

Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek

We discovered this in hospital following one of my daughter’s heart surgeries and just had to get our own copy. The fact that Peter is a name that is in the family and the other main character is called Paul adds to the story for us (Me!). It’s a reveal book (Admittedly one that’s repeated in many children’s books), has a funny ending and beautiful images.

Teletubbies: A Rainy Day

This book is a lifesaver in that it’s one that both my daughters enjoy. My eldest daughter (Who has additional needs) particularly likes to pick up and giggle at a page featuring the Noo-Noo!

A Busy Day for Birds by Lucy Cousins

This is a small book with lots of colour featuring a variety of birds. It’s a good way for the kids to learn about birdlife and as with many children’s books, it rhymes, which I certainly think pricks the ear/interest of my eldest daughter.

Harry and the Dinosaurs United by Ian Whybrow

How many have times have I read this book?! The other Harry and the Dinosaurs books don’t get a look in! It’s clear that my daughter recognises, remembers and is waiting for a reveal in this book. That highlights some memory development which is great!

That’s Not My Hedgehog by Fiona Watt

Via car boot sales and hand me downs, we’ve collected a few of the That’s Not My… ? books. My daughter particularly loves scratching the rough pages but has recently made more effort to feel the other textures. This book’s last page has a big prickly hedgehog to scratch which my daughter goes full throttle at!

And don’t forget these…

Do your children (Or yourself) have any favourite children’s books?

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