Excuse my French!

Did you struggle to learn French at school? Are you intimidated at the prospect of learning or/and attempting to speak French when on holiday? Don’t be!

I think that a lot of people struggle with (Or are scared of) the tenses but if you’re in France and are making the effort to speak the language, people will understand and appreciate the effort even if what you say is a little out of sync.

French and English are alarmingly similar. Many words are either the same or very obviously related to the word that you know, whether that be in English or French. Here are some examples…




Crocodile (Which you need in everyday conversation!)


Chaise (Chair)

Hopital (Hospital)

Lune (Moon) You know the word lunar don’t you?

Nourriture (Food) Like nutrition

Cafe (Coffee)

Bleu (Blue)

Vert (Green) Like verdant

Everytime I visit France (Where I’m in a French speaking house) I pick up even just two of three more words that I can add to my vocabulary. That helps make me less robotic and more interesting (Hopefully!) when speaking. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with listening but it’s not easy when dipping in and out. Just grasping twenty or even ten per cent of what is said by another person can set you on the right path for a response. Like I say though, when speaking, there’s so much crossover. Just use your instinct and you’ll go far…

Jour (Day) You know the word journal

Habite (Live) Habitat

Lumiere (Light) Illuminate

Souvenire (Memory) Souvenir

Merci beaucoup and bon journee!

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One thought on “Excuse my French!

  1. I took french immersion from Gr 7-12. I don’t speak French very often these days, so I’m sure it’s gotten rusty over the years. I noticed the same thing when we visited Paris a decade ago that they appreciated the effort when I tried to speak French.

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