Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire puddings! Made by a Yorkshireman (Me). Made in Yorkshire.

The seven Yorkshire puddings photographed above required three average size eggs then about the same liquid volume of whole milk. That’s then left for a while before adding plain flour. If you use too little flour then, at the risk of stating the obvious, the puddings can be too eggy or milky. Use too much though and they can end up more like a cake. You don’t want that!

You need to put some oil in the trays and heat on high. Then poor your mix in after a few minutes. Don’t overdose on the oil and make sure it’s hot, otherwise it just seeps into the pudding mixture. The oil helps prevent the Yorkshires from sticking to the tray.

Any kind of meat, potato and gravy (Oh and veg!) meal, just isn’t the same without Yorkshire puddings!

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