Beautiful Berlin

Since expanding my blog, I’ve written about more than just cricket. Football, films and books are amongst some of the subjects that I’ve posted about. Something I haven’t yet posted about is travel. The past year hasn’t really been a good one for that! What on Earth have travel bloggers done?

In the circumstances and similar to hiking, I’ll start with a reminiscence piece.

I’d quit my job and was going on an epic voyage… but we’re focusing on some interim travel. Basically, I had three months to kill before my fifteen-month adventure (Another post maybe). This was a regrettable move. I didn’t need time to relax or plan, I just needed to go!

In the meantime, I headed to Berlin to stay with someone who worked in the German office of the company that I had worked for. I can’t tell you how positive an impression Berlin left on me, well, apart from rats in the streets!

The Reichstag was amazing as was the view from the Sky Tower. The museums and a boat trip were also enjoyable. In fact, so was the sunset from a tired train station. I had to get a bus and train into the city centre from where I was staying but it never felt like a drag. It was an adventure… and very efficient!

Anyway, this was 2010 and you may recall the eruption of a certain Icelandic volcano. Flights were grounded for two weeks and travellers flocked to the coast to grab boats home. I didn’t. I didn’t have a job! I didn’t need to go home and my hosts kept inviting me to stay.

Cue an extension to my adventure and the opportunity to see the green and blue of Berlin. The advantage of staying with locals who had a car came good. The Spreewald is amazing. It’s like canals (Or actually a river) where people get their post delivered by boat. We also visited a rural museum and they provided me with printed English information which they seemed pleasantly surprised to provide.

My hosts also treated me to a boat trip to their fishing island. When I say “their” I mean that there were many people’s fishing huts there. We rocked up and there were a few boats lined up on the lake. At the end was what looked like a tin bath. I’ll let you guess what the three of us got into!

I survived. Berlin was (Is?) a great contrast of urban and rural. I’m not a big city person. I prefer the countryside but would thoroughly recommend a visit to Berlin, you know, when you can!

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Berlin

  1. I remember when the volcano in Iceland erupted and wreaked havoc on flights in 2010. That’s great that it didn’t impact your travel plans and if anything, allowed you to stay in Berlin a little longer. Your hosts sound like incredible people. How neat that they took you on a boat trip to their fishing island! I have yet to visit Berlin. Someday (assuming this pandemic ever goes away!).

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