Cycle Path Walk

Having walked snippets with the family, I marched the full 6k by myself!

It took me only one hour twenty minutes to complete. This included a couple of brief photo stops. I noticed the mushrooms (?) pictured above that I’ve not noticed before as well as mountains of moss, that I have noticed before. I also saw lots of squirrels. I really should’ve taken photos because they were often crouched or even stood up straight on, not just scurrying sidewards/away.

There were many nests in the barren trees and it’s hard to fathom that they’re still intact given that full trees have blown over…

Chainsaw wielding personnel were on with this!

Having clocked this previously, I believe that the above is a badger set. There are two sizeable entrances (Not particularly clear in the photo) much bigger than rabbit holes. Foxes have also been seen in the area so I guess that it could also be home to them and not badgers. I think that it has more of a badger vibe though. It does sit quite high but such is the lay of the land. There is a small stream that divides the path and earth from where the set/den sits.

I also believe that I saw two woodpeckers. One was in a bush right beside the path then flew to an isolated and sparse tree where there was another of the birds. Looking at my book/online, I can’t see what else they could’ve been. I heard what I thought were woodpeckers a little further on. The sound seemed to be coming from a different angle but they could’ve moved or my sound locationing was off!

I also saw lots of robins but unusually, not a single red kite. It was incredibly foggy mind so I couldn’t even see a very loud helicopter!

It was nice to just knuckle down and walk. As pleasant as it is with the family, two children mean that I spend a lot of time walking sidewards. Hopefully I’ll be able to go on a proper hike soon!

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