50 Up!

Hi guys

I never did reach a half-century when playing cricket. A determined last man out for 47 having opened the batting was the closest that I came. Oh, and I once struck 40 not out to win a T20 game.

On my now defunct cricket blog, I think that I reached around 150 followers, if you include all the marketing and Russian porn… I do!

Anyway, having spread my wings, I’ve now got fifty followers on my new blog… and most seem genuine. So yeah, this is one of those shameless “Look at me” posts. Oh, and committing to a post a day means that I need to fill some days with posts like this!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, to like, comment, follow and vote. My map is nicely shaded already so thank you once again. I enjoy the creative element but some attention does make it a little more worth it.

Happy blogging!

Published by Planet Paul

I'm just an ordinary guy sharing my thoughts on various sports, entertainment and one or two other things!

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