Nature’s Force!

A couple of days ago, my family and I were walking along the local cycle path when we were greeted with the above!

We’d actually walked from the other end only the day before but this would’ve firmly stopped us in our tracks early, had we set off from that end this time. At least on this occasion we walked from the other end, so clocked up 6k there and back.

We’d been warned about the tree which is why we walked on further than normal. Like I say, we were there the day before and this really could’ve been lethal. I’m assuming that it wasn’t (!) and that it went down overnight. The sun is set to shine for a while now, the frosty mornings and snow seemingly over but there are plenty of strong winds in Yorkshire at the moment.

It was possible to negate the tree but not with a pushchair! It’s a pleasant walk and has been vital for one of our daughters who uses a walking frame, and for us adults to get some exercise. You do have to be on your guard for cyclists though!

Anyway, this fallen tree was a reminder of nature’s immense force!

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