Death in the Grizzly Maze

If you’re a Timothy Treadwell fan then this may not be the book for you… as he spends most of the 170 pages being bashed, criticised and having all his wrongs brought to attention!

Mike Lapinski is a writer and photographer who firmly disapproved of Treadwell’s conduct around bears. Whilst Lapinski may well be right in everything that he says, I’ll admit that reading such a one sided account wasn’t always welcome. To be fair, around half way through the book the tide does turn, slightly at least.

However, Lapinski uses the final pages of his book to detail how he reluctantly retracted comments on Treadwell in a previous publication and felt it necessary to correct that by scripting Death in the Grizzly Maze.

If you’d like to see Treadwell getting close to Alaska’s bears in the way that so annoyed Lapinski and the Katmai National Park employees (Who come in for some criticism in this book) then check out Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man. You can find the trailer linked in a previous post of mine…

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