Beard Oil

A few years ago, post thirty years of age, I grew a beard. My previous best was a two-week effort when aged about eighteen.

My wife wasn’t keen but has since changed her tune. By the way, I’m one of those guys who needs facial hair to compensate for the lack of on top!

When first growing a beard, weeks three and four were horrible. I’ve never had any serious itching issues, it’s just the texture and look during the initial first time growth period wasn’t pretty. Anyway, it’s very much part of me now. It’s nothing particularly extreme but I did let it get a bit scruffy initially. Occasionally I strip it right back but generally it’s around the number three setting on my beard trimmer. For the record, my beard is brown complimented by a variety of white strands amongst a prominent ginger tinge!

Upon growing a beard, I researched caring for it. I really didn’t take to beard wax but a little oil from time to time does seem beneficial otherwise my beard can become extremely dry. I soon realised that most beard oils are full of all kinds of rubbish… so set about making my own.

The combination that I came up with is nothing original. Its stars Argan oil, cedarwood and lime. Now Argan oil is a base oil so makes up the bulk of the combo. A few drops of the essential oils then help provide a pleasant scent. Remember to keep oils in tinted bottles and away from sunlight. I don’t overdo it on the application front so can’t claim to have a history of various oil combinations but may experiment with some other essential oils in the future. It’s just that it’ll take me a long time to use up the ones that I have because like I say, I don’t overuse it.

Anyway, I thought that I’d share this information. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own beard oil or tell me how better to do mine!

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