The Amazing Spider-Man

Continuing my rich vein of form having returned to film watching, I finally got around to viewing The Amazing Spider-Man.

Before the Sam Raimi films, I was a big Tobey Maguire fan. I enjoyed those spidey films… even the third one! Having recently rewatched the trailer for the Marc Webb directed reboot starring Andrew Garfield, I wasn’t overly enthused… but I enjoyed it!

I found some of the teen romance a little cringe but enjoyed the film more and more as it went on. There are obviously many parallels with the previous Spider-Man films but also subtle differences. One of the things that’s different is Spider-Man love interest is Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) who, staying true to the comics, leapfrogs Mary-Jane unlike in the Sam Raimi trilogy. She also learns that Peter Parker is Spider-Man early on in proceedings. I slightly missed how this was confirmed whilst focusing on keeping the volume down so as not to wake the kids… then he rocked up at her window fully suited!

We’re also greeted with Doctor Curt Connors as a lizard type villain and the whole character/scenario is done well. Rhys Ifans portrays Connors. As well as Ifans, Sally Field is extremely effective as Aunt May but Martin Sheen’s act as Uncle Ben isn’t an easy one to put a new spin on. Dennis Leary is Dennis Leary… not a bad thing, while Stan Lee makes his usual appearance.

I thought that some of the footage was really good, like when Spider-Man is balancing on web in the sewer (Though I’m not sure how he didn’t drown. He’s a spider not a fish!) and also the umbrellas scene late in the film.

I look forward to watching the sequel and will let you know my thoughts in due course.

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