Mark McGuinn

I was recently introduced to the music of Mark McGuinn, courtesy of this excellent YouTube channel…

Beyond the popesque hit song Mrs Rudy…

The album contains some excellent ballads such as She Doesn’t Dance and If the World was Mine…

When hearing an album as good as this (It was released in 2001 by the way) it’s hard to fathom how some of the pitiful excuses of music acts that regularly churn out records and appear on TV thrive, whilst McGuinn’s work barely saw/sees the light of day.

McGuinn has written songs for other artists too, such as Lonestar…

I was fortunate to get my hands on McGuinn’s debut album and have been listening to it over and over. I may have only just discovered the North Carolina native’s music but am sure that the tracks I’ve linked to above are timeless classics!

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