In the introduction to my new and more diverse blog, I mentioned that hiking would be one of the subjects that would feature.

Now hiking’s not so easily done at the moment but I thought that I’d recall my experiences ahead of posting some write-ups in the future.

I wasn’t interested in hiking as a kid but my friend took over (Pretty much started) a group and we got hiking a lot. This is from the age of eighteenish (So about half my lifetime ago) and generally in Yorkshire, though I’ve also enjoyed some great hikes in the Lake District.

Eventually the group got a bit too sizeable and I went overseas anyway but upon returning to Yorkshire, I took my foreign wife on many hikes to show her the lovely local landscape. We’ve since had two kids however (For whom one walking isn’t easy) so hiking as a couple or family will have to wait a little longer. That said, we did go to one or two bird reserves or for a walk by a canal last summer and they were extremely enjoyable. I might provide repeat outings to those locations with write-ups later this year.

My friend and I got hiking again a few years ago and I really do love being out and about. The rivers, mountains, snow, deer, owls, whatever we see, it’s great! I enjoy getting away from society even if there’s a quiet road only around the corner or a town not actually that far away! The beauty of where I live is that there’s a lot of good hiking country within an hour’s drive. Even the Lake District isn’t actually that far away. Fairfield Horseshoe is a hike I’ve done in both directions… which I realised after setting off the second time! They don’t need to be massive hikes, seven to ten miles is the norm though we do intend to do some longer ones this year (If poss?!) including redoing the Three Peaks. The Three Peaks being Pennyghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, not the National Three Peaks. That’s ridiculous! I have hiked Ben Nevis when just a child and Scafell Pike, once straight up and once part of a snow filled epic. I’ve never actually walked up Snowdon. As for the Yorkshire Three Peaks, it took nine hours fifty five minutes (Or was it 45?). There was no target but it was nice to sneak in sub ten hours. If it takes twelve next time then so be it, there’s no rush. I like to enjoy my snack, usually a sandwich, possibly homemade flapjack, fruit and coffee.

Well, anyway, hopefully I’ll post some hike write-ups this year covering areas such as Grassington, Settle, Pateley Bridge, Burnsall, Malham and the like. Beautiful hiking country. I do need to challenge myself a little more on the map reading front rather than just following directions but I’m not a complete map moron!

If you’re managing to do any hikes then enjoy and take care!

Image locations: Near Malham Tarn, Pateley Bridge and Grimwith

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