Against the Elements

Firstly, I’m going to be a bit of an arrogant t^*t and say that Iceland beating England wasn’t a surprise to me!

Of course more often than not I would expect England to beat Iceland but there was logic behind Iceland winning and Matt McGinn delves into why in his book.

There might be more people and talent in USA or China but sometimes being in a smaller country makes it easier to identify and develop talent. It’s more concentrated and therefore easier to organise. Didn’t all the UK’s table tennis players all come from one street not that long ago?

In his book, McGinn touched upon the true life story of ??? that was made into a film titled The Deep. I saw this film a few years ago and it’s well worth watching. Click on the link below to see the trailer…

Back to the book, I enjoyed the chapter on cohesion and then also found value in one of the players providing a chapter.

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