A Corner of Every Foreign Field

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last book that I read about cricket failing to become a truly global sport. In fact, it’s not even the first Tim Brooks book that I’ve read in that rather niche genre!

I love cricket but my word it’s a shame that only upto around twelve countries, the same countries, have been playing it at the highest level for so long. To call a cricket World Cup by such a name is to commit fraud!

Many nations longed to take up cricket but those in charge made sure that the ship departed the dock without them. The T20 (Or even T10) format might yet make cricket a truly global game and as Brooks points out, Olympic inclusion wouldn’t do that ambition any harm.

His latest book presents things in logical and good old chronological order, highlighting the many missed opportunities that cricket had to really take over the world. Sometimes circumstance (ie: war etc) didn’t help but cricket didn’t always help itself… or the self designated people in charge didn’t! When the sport’s governing body were giving with one hand they were taking with another whilst also having their own members tie their hands behind its back, so, errr… four hands then!

Brooks covers the right (Or wrong!) moments in history with sufficient detail whilst avoiding going absurdly in depth and making this a chunky book. For those who possess a passion for cricket to genuinely be a sport played on a global scale then it shouldn’t disappoint.

As a result of reading this and not for the first time in my life, it’s put my mind in overdrive with thoughts of how to restructure international cricket. Don’t worry, there’ll be a post about that in due course!

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